Sensuality v/s Sexuality: You Should Know the Difference

In the modern world, the terms ‘sensuality’ and ‘sexuality’ are used interchangeably most of the times. Although the two words fall in the same realm of things, they differ wildly in meaning!

We spoke to some of our sexy and charming Crawley escorts and asked them questions on sexuality and sensuality. They gave us some amazing insights into what separates the two and also what is common.

Professional and discreet

The escorts that we spoke to, were all professionals that knew the ins and outs of the job. They understand the need of the job is to be discreet and keep matters private. While it also requires them to have both sensual and sexual fun.

They are available for both in call and outcall jobs. They are capable of carrying themselves in a dignified and professional manner. Whether it is a personal or a professional gathering the Crawley outcall escorts will charm everyone with their beauty, grace and intelligence.

Here are the peculiarities of sexuality and sensuality according to the Crawley escorts –

  1. Difference – Sensual is not always sexual and sexual is certainly not always sensual. Sexuality largely pertains to the act of having sex and deriving pleasure from just one sense. On the other hand, sensuality refers to deriving sexual pleasure by engaging all of the senses. One of them could always lead to the other but never mistake them for each other. Everyone also has different opinions on both sensuality and sexuality.
  2. Commonality – Sexuality and sensuality are both components of lovemaking and erotic fun. Sensuality is more concerned with foreplay, sexuality is usually used to refer to the main act of making love or penetrative sex. This is where the two merge to form a complete and cohesive idea of lovemaking. Many people focus on the differences but it is a rare occurrence for someone to give credence to the commonalities between sensuality and sexuality.
  3. Goal oriented sexuality is bad – True pleasure can only be achieved when we delve into the perceived sensations of our bodies rather than using our bodies to keep experiencing pleasure even when there is no real impulse. Nowadays with the advent of the internet and the smartphone, porn is just a screen touch away from our grasps. Many people have therefore unwittingly abused their minds and bodies by becoming addicted to porn. Even if we don’t talk about porn, there is enough sexual and sensual material in the media that makes our minds numb.
  4. Senses are important for sensuality – The word sensuality means pleasure derived through the senses. The visuals are just one element of it, there is the touch, smell and thanks to our ears even aural elements to it. Therefore to be able to experience and exhibit sensuality on an optimal level, our senses must be cared for in the most absolute terms. Even if one of your senses is damaged, the whole experience will become dented or subdued.
  5. Health is wealth – The most important thing, when it comes to sexuality and sensuality is our mind and body. If either of the two are under any kind of duress, then our experience or exhibition of it becomes dulled. Therefore we must take great care to keep our minds and bodies at peace and in top condition. The best way is to keep ourselves busy with activities that stimulate, nourish and help nurture the mind and body. Any kind of sports activity coupled with stimulation for the mind like reading or learning is ultimately most rewarding.
  6. Spiritual experiences – If done correctly with the right attitude and respect; sensuality and sexuality can doubles up as not only pleasurable experiences but spiritual too. There is great power in communicating with another person on such a deep and intimate level. It can lead us to experiences that cannot be described by mere words alone. Ancient Indian texts talk about the kind of meditative sex that can lead you into a trance and almost give an out-of-body experience.

All of the above mentioned observations have been compiled from the beautiful and talented Crawley escorts. Feel free to use them to improve your subsequent sensual and sexual experience.

Written on: February 24, 2018 by webadmin
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