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Body Parts Women Want You to Touch: By a Brighton Escort

Know where Women Want To Be Touched

Escorting is among the oldest professions and enterprises in the world. It predates the industrial revolution and also the printing press! Needless to say, the escorts of today possess old school wisdom that has been passed down from one generation to another.

Apart from all of the knowledge they have received, escorts also have their own experiences in the business which gives an added insight into the mind of the modern punter. They know what the modern punter likes and dislikes like the back of their hand.

However, that is not all; they also know what a woman loves in bed due to their considerable expertise when it comes to making love. The escorts in Brighton are especially forthcoming and let us know of the body part that women want you to touch. They are the following –



The neck has long been known to be one of the most erogenous body parts. It possesses a peculiar sensitivity that is sensual to the touch. If you are looking to please your woman then be sure to spend ample amounts of time caressing and kissing her neck. Be aware of her reactions to each and every facet of your touch and caress. Even if you’re not making love to her, you can still caress her neck in a tender way to make her feel loved.


The breasts are really sensitive body parts and they are also quite erogenous. The nipples are especially erogenous with some women reportedly being able to orgasm based on nipple stimulation alone! Apart from touching and caressing, you can also indulge in sucking and massaging them for as long as you want. The great thing about stimulating breasts is that it is almost equally as pleasurable for men as it is for women.

Lower back

This is for of the underrated and sensual body parts for women. It’s not for nothing that sensual and erotic dances like belly dancing, salsa and jive place a specific emphasis on the lower back. Scientifically speaking, there are a lot of nerves in the lower back that connect straight to the buttocks. It is the perfect place to start foreplay in a subdued manner.


This might be a surprise but the navel according to the escorts Brighton, the navel is quite stimulating and doesn’t get the attention that it requires or deserves. According to research in the field, the bellybutton grew from the same tissue as the clitoris (more on that later) and the two are neurologically linked! Some women have even reported that they have felt some sensation in their clit through their belly button! If that isn’t reason enough for you to dive into the navel, I don’t know what is.


although it is regarded as somewhat of a fetish, in reality it is much more prevalent among a large section of society. For women the toes are more sensitive than their soles. If you know how to treat a good looking woman’s feet in the bed, then you probably are forever going to be in the good graces of that woman. When you suckle or lightly pinch the toes of a woman, it has the potential to cause a stimulating sensation in her vagina. So guys, make sure that your women have happy feet in bed (if you know what I mean).


And finally we have reached the holy grail of pleasurable body parts for women – the clitoris! Interestingly, the clitoris communicates with the brain through a pathway known as the pudental nerve which is the same nerve used by the penis to communicate with the brain. The only purpose of that nerve is to communicate pleasure! Therefore it makes sense that the clitoris is the most sensitive and pleasurable body part of a woman.

Inner thighs

Last but definitely not the least, the inner thighs of a woman are extremely pleasurable body parts that you can caress, stroke, kiss or suck for their unbridled pleasure. The fact that it is positioned so close to the clitoris makes it an extremely erogenous zone for the ladies. So make sure to show some love to the inner thighs!

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