Basic Rules to know by Brighton Escorts to work

Escorts in Brighton earn usually lots of money, as there is a big client base in the city. Thousands of businessmen travel here for diverse trips and escapes, and they wish somebody to keep them company and give them satisfaction. Working as an escort is generally risk-free because for the most part. More notably, it is considered a practiced business.

If you are thinking it as a career – short term or long terms, part time or full time, there are a small number of general rules you can follow. These guidelines are to make sure that you keep earning the money you wish about, and be safe at the similar time.

Check your clients:

The most general rule when you get together with new clients is to check them comprehensively, and realize as much about them as possible.

  • Constantly request their name and telephone number. If you are visiting them, then ask over them for their contact number. If they do not have the number, evade meeting them. A contact number is unchanging to a property which affirms the client is where he utters he is.
  • Always get a mobile number so you can do Contact with the client. If anything has changed, then you want to ensure he has a mobile phone with him, so he could do Contact with you just in case he loses.
  • Note exactly what your client is after and any obsession he may wish to apply. If it begins getting unusual and you do not experience comfortable, then do not get the booking.


  • Organize for your own transportation. Reach the place by yourself and arrange in advance for travelling back from the client’s place. Do not acknowledge your client’s pick up and drop off.
  • Notify the client to reveal the location where they will get together frankly. Tell that you do not require to be picked up from wherever.
  • If travelling to a hotel forever get together in the room so you could get the money part over and complete with as soon as possible. If he then wishes to opt for a drink in the bar, it is part of his time with you and already paid for.
  • If Brighton Outcall escorts take a Trip with the client to bar or a bistro, then require a Taxi as opposed to receiving in a car with the client.


  • Reach the meeting place about 5 minutes in the early hours.
  • If the place is too raucous with music blaring, then leave instantly. This is especially True, if Brighton Outcall escorts are going to the client’s private dwelling.
  • Make sure that your client is unaccompanied and no one is with him in the room. You have established to be an escort for only one person at a time.
  • As soon as you reach your destination, request the money to be paid instantly. Do not wait until the end, when the client might make public that he has No Money to pay you.


  • Money is always paid in cash. If the client does not have the right amount of money with him, then leave him out.
  • Do not obtain Credit Cards from your client as payment. It could have no credit. Even if it has money, then the client may dis-agree it later.
  • If the payment is for rather lots of money, it pays to have A Pen Checker.

All the above policies may make it Sound like being Brighton escorts is laden with risk. At least in the city of Brighton, this is undeniably not the case. The rules given above are just so that you are geared up for acute situations.

Written on: November 8, 2017 by webadmin
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